Hive Spider
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By lohaheeho

Hive spiders are a hideous cross between web-spinning arachnids and termites that live in subterranean hive complexes. The average hive spider is roughly 18 inches in diameter, its smooth carapace mottled brown and blue. The head distinct from the thorax, sports two sets of mandibles, three pairs of eyes, and two jointed antennae. Quite oddly,hive spiders have neither a poisonous bite or sting, but their mandibles are strong enough to burrow through soft rock. Hive spiders are omnivorous, but they prefer fresh meat over any other fare. Most Hive spiders are gender-less drones born from eggs of a semi-intelligent queen that qualifies as a magical beast, not vermin. The drones have a lifespan of three years, while the queen can live up to fifteen years. Since no male hive spiders exist, the process that allows the queen to fertilize eggs suggests hermaphroditic reproduction. The title of queen isn't one held by the spiders; it was simply added by others since other hive-minded vermin have queens. The queen possesses the cumbersome reproductive organs instead of web spinners. Her bright red eyes are larger and more expressive than the dull, black eyes of the drones. The queen issues orders to her mindless spawn via chemical pheromones, which allow an empathic link between her and her drones out to a distance of twelve miles. If the drones are separated from the queen, however, they go feral and become dangerous predators, attacking anything with wild abandon. Once every five years, the queen deposits a special egg that gives birth to a female hive spider of the magical beast type. This specimen grows into a new queen. (Dungeon Magazine May/June 2002 Vol. XVI, No. 2 Issue #92)

ST: 8 HP: 4 Speed: 6.5
DX: 11 Will: 4 Move: 6.5
IQ: 6 Per: 6
HT: 8 FP: 12 SM: -4
Dodge: 8 Parry: 0 DR: 0

<Attack> (<Skill>):bite [mandibles] (12); Damage 1d-1 cu

Traits: Extra Legs (8); Innate Attack [mandibles] (cut); Mind link [controlled by hive spider queen or surrogate] (pheromones); Night Vision (4); Vibration Sense; No Fine Manipulators; No Depth Perception;
Skills: Climbing (16); Camouflage (14); Stealth (18)
Combat Effectiveness Rating:


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