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By Lord RasputinLord Rasputin

Note: This creature was originally published in the Monster Manual.

A howler looks like a scrawny dog about 8 feet long with scales and quills. It comes from the outer planes and has a scary howl.

ST: 21 HP: 21 Speed: 6.00
DX: 13 Will: 12 Move: 10
IQ: 8 Per: 13 Weight: 2,000 lbs.
HT: 10 FP: 10 SM: +1 (3 hexes)
Dodge: 10 Parry: n/a DR: 3

Bite (15): 2d+1 cutting. Reach C.
Howl (Resist Will+1): Lose 1 Will after an hour of hearing a howler howl for those who do not resist. This attack is hearing-based.
Quills: 2d piercing. This harms anyone who touches or is touched by the howler in close combat.

Traits: Acute Hearing 4; Acute Vision 4; Combat Reflexes; Doesn't Eat or Drink; Doesn't Sleep; Night Vision 5; Quadruped; Wild Animal.
Skills: Brawling-15; Climbing-15; Observation-15; Stealth-15.
Class: Demon.
Combat Effectiveness Rating: 49 (OR 28 and PR 21).
Notes: Surprisingly intelligent, it can understand the tongue of demons.


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