Judoon (Worthy)
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By rolandonrolandon

Judoon are galactic police, brutal in their precise application of the law and highly logical in their battle tactics, but not very intelligent. In fact, whilst their behaviour is (on the surface) that of a military police force, they are little more than "interplanetary thugs". They have no jurisdiction on Earth and no authority to deal with human crime, so when a fugitive alien hid out in an Earth hospital they transported the building to the Moon. The Judoon carry energy weapons which can incinerate humans. In the hospital the Squad Leader is the only one seen to remove his helmet. They are basically humanoid in form, have heads that look like that of a rhinoceros, have only four fingers on each hand (including thumbs), and wear black, bulky armour with heavy boots. The Judoon have a "great big lung reserve". They have yellow blood.

ST:15 HP:20 Speed:5,5
DX:10 Will:12 Move:5
IQ:10 Per:10
HT:13 FP:15 SM:0
Dodge: Parry: DR:4/10 (skull)

With Weapons (16):see Weapon Descrition

Traits: High Pain Threshold, Legal Enforcement Power, Legal Immunity, Callous
Skills: Beam Weapon 16, Interrogation 16, Intimidation 16, Melee Weapon (Any 16
Class: Alien
Notes: This creature comes from TV Serie "Dr. Who"


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