Maksilíē, Evil Cultist
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By Lord RasputinLord Rasputin

Maksilíē is a loyal priestess of Ažbrátōr, having run away from wealth to join a cult of death. She looks to be about 40, with dark skin, wild auburn hair and wide green eyes that complement her wild black gown. She has given her life to the cult, and has been underground for most of the last two decades. However, some of her activities were discovered by the authorities, making her flee, and upsetting her superiors in the cult. Thus, she now wants to summon a demon army to destroy the town to prove her worthiness. Maksilíē is imperious to everyone around her other than superiors. She will make wild prophesies with almost every statement.

ST: 10 HP: 10 Speed: 5.00
DX: 11 Will: 14 Move: 3
IQ: 14 Per: 14
HT: 12 FP: 12 SM: 0
Dodge: 6 Parry: 13 DR: 4/2* vs. cr

Scythe (13): 1d+2 cutting or 1d impaling; Reach 1.

Traits: Ally (Divine Servitor; 12 or less; Summonable) ×2; Bad Temper (12); Callous; Disciplines of Faith (Mysticism); Mind Shield 5; Power Investiture 4 (Unholy); Social Stigma (Excommunicated).
Skills: Diagnosis-12; Exorcism-14; First Aid-14; Hidden Lore (Demons)-15; Hidden Lore (Undead)-13; Interrogation-13; Intimidation-15; Observation-12; Occultism-15; Poisons-14; Religious Ritual (Ažbrátōr)-14; Stealth-10; Theology (Ažbrátōr)-14; Two-Handed Axe/Mace-14.
Class: Mundane.
Spells: Death Cleric (Ažbrátōr) Spells!-18. This includes: Armor-18; Awaken-17; Bravery-18; Command-17; Compel Truth-17; Control Zombie-16; Dark Vision-18; Death Vision-18; Deathtouch-16; Dispel Magic-14; Might-18; Shield-18; Terror-18.
Combat Effectiveness Rating: 45 (OR 25 and PR 20).
Notes: Both her Divine Servitors are Horrific and Unholy, with Evil (doubled) and Disease. Notable gear includes:
• Unholy Symbol, $50, 1 lb.
• Scythe, $120, 10 lbs.
• Garlic ×2, $10, 0.5 lbs.
• Unholy Water ×2, $15, 2 lbs.
• Mail Armor (covering all locations except the face), $645, 58 lbs.
Oozing Doom (Contact agent soaks through armor in DR seconds; 2d injury (1d on successful HT roll)), $100, 1 lb.
Monster Drool ×5, (roll vs. HT or take 2 points of injury), $200, 5 lb.
Bronze belt buckle with a 1/2 carat beryl gem in the middle, this has a regenerating power reserve 3 and lets it's owner cast Steal Vitality-15; $30,320, 0.2 lbs. Maksilíē uses this to drain the life from her sacrifice victims.


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