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By moc.tsitneics.dam|selimkw#moc.tsitneics.dam|selimkw

A snake haired, snake bodied sorceress who turns her victims into stone.

ST:12 HP:16 Speed:5.75
DX:14 Will:16 Move:7
IQ:16 Per:16
HT:9 FP:16 SM:+1
Dodge:9 Parry:15 DR:5

Spear : 18, Thrusting, 1d-1 impaling, Swing 1d+2 cutting
Spear: 18 Thrown, 1d-1 impaling
Staff, 18 1d+2 crushing

** Traits:Loner, Apperance (Ugly), Bad Temper, Odd Diet, Cold Blooded, gaze attack (petrification), tough skin, infravision, enhanced move, enhanced dodge, poison sting, extra hp,mistaken identity **

Skills:All at 18, Cloak, enchantment, innate attack, telepathy, ESP, inertial armor, staff, Magery-5, Tharmaturgy-5, purify earth, shape earth, animation, summon elemental, golem, body-of-stone, flesh-to-stone, stone-to-flesh, alter terrain, seek earth, shape earth, earth to stone, flight, levitation, ignite fire, create fire, fire jet, sound, silence, thunderclap, purify air, no-smell, light, colors, seek water, purify water, create water, counterspell, dispel magic, magelock, identify plant, heal plant, plant growth, false track **
Class: Aberration, magical creature, mythological monster
Notes:You might find a friend in the statuary if you have the ability to stone to flesh.She keeps these statues around to amuse herself, and to ward off possible visitors.**


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