Mind Chewer
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By Greg 1

The Mind Chewer looks something like a bald and elongated human head, frozen in an eternal snarl. It hovers telekinetically from four to eight feet above the ground, flapping with a mantle of soft flesh for extra lift. A stupidly malicious creature, the Mind Chewer attacks psionically, forcing its victim to re-experience negative feelings from their past. The attack succeeds automatically on any chosen sentient creature within 5 yards. The victim must successfull roll under their Will, or lose 1d Fatigue. A Mind Chewer may or may not choose to eat those it defeats.

The Mind Chewer's chief advantage in battle is it's extraordinary precognitive dodge. The Mind Chewer cannot dodge an oppoent who is psionically shielded.

ST: 2 HP: 5 Speed: 7
DX: 8 Will: 9 Move: 7
IQ: 6 Per: 14
HT: 9 FP: 10 SM: -2
Dodge: 14 (special) Parry: N/A DR: 0

Memory Twist (Automatic): Special.

Class: Mundane


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