Monstrous Fire Beetle
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By Jeminai

This is a man sized beetle with large pincers and the ability to shoot a stream of fire from special glands in its mouth. The creature can open its carapace and buzz its wings but it is too large to fly. This is mainly an intimidating display.

ST:12 HP:12 Speed:5.5
DX:10 Will:8 Move:4
IQ:3 Per:10
HT:12 FP:12 SM:0
Dodge:8 Parry:NA DR:3

Pincers (12): 1d cut
Flame Jet (12): 2d burn Range 5/10

Traits: DR: 3 (hard carapace), Extra legs x4, Berserk (12 or less)
Skills: Intimidation (14), Brawling (12) **
Class: Monster
Combat Effectiveness Rating:
Notes: These beetles would be voracious eaters that prefer their meals charred. They would not be evil but they are quite mean and if they go berserk they can become a real problem. Also remember that fires caused by the flame jet can ignite flammable objects and cause real panic in commoners.**


Ice Beetles. Acid Beetles. Undead, negative-energy-spewing beetles?

Adventure Ideas

Goblinoids can use these creatures to cause further mayhem in town raids. Goblinoids tend to be nasty to animals they have raised so these beetles may turn on their handlers.**