Morb, Warrior (Worthy)
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By rolandonrolandon

The Warriors are the shock-troop of the Morbs. They have green skin and are taller than a human (10 inches more). They weight 60 lbs. more than a human of the same height. They are reptile-like creatures, but they have an appearance more human than the Worker-soldiers

ST:13 HP:15 Speed:6
DX:11 Will:9 Move:6
IQ:11 Per:11
HT:13 FP:13 SM:0
Dodge:10 Parry: DR:-

With Weapons (16):see Ultra-Tech

Traits: Combat Reflexes, High Pain Threshold, Magic Resistance (3 levels), Military Rank (variabile), Mindlink ( to 9.999.999.999 individui), Perpheral Vision, Rapid Healing, Resistant to Acceleration, Extra Hit Points 2, Hard to Subdue (2 levels), Fearlessness (2 levels), Doesn't Sleep, Reduced Consumption 2 (Cast Iron Stomach), Damage resistance (3 levels), Claws (Talons), Fit. Odious Racial Habit (Slavers), Berserk 12, Bloodlust 12, Bully 12, Fanaticism (to the Only One), Intolerance (against all the other races), Megalomania, Sadism 12, Appearance: Hideous, Sterile, Obsession (serving the Only One), Cold-Blooded, Selfless 6, Will -2, Short Lifespan (2 levels).
Class: Alien
Notes: This monster comes from the italian comic book "Brad Barron"


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