Morb, Worker-Soldier (Fodder)
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By rolandonrolandon

The Morb Worker-Soldier are the unskilled manpower and the cannon-fodder of the Morb society.
They are quite loyal, tough minions of their master, the Only One. They have green skin and are taller than a human (8 inches more). They weight 40 lbs. more than a human of the same height. They are reptile-like creatures.

ST:11 HP:13 Speed:5,25
DX:9 Will:7 Move:5
IQ:9 Per:9
HT:12 FP:13 SM:0
Dodge: Parry: DR:-

with weapons (13): see below

Traits: High Pain Threshold, Immunity to Sickness, Magic Resistance (3 livelli), Night Vision (4 livelli, 4 punti), Rapid Healing (5 punti); Extra Hit Points (2 livelli), Hard to Subdue (2 livelli), Early Maturation, Mindlink (da a 9.999.999.999 individuals), Claws (Talons), Teeth (Sharp). Odious Racial Habit (ruthless enslavers, -15 points), Bad Sight (- 10 punti), Absent-Mindedness, Bad Temper 12, Bully 12, Fanaticism (to the Only One), Impulsiveness 12, Intolerance (against the other races), Appearance: Hideous, Sterile, Cannot Learn, Obsession (The Only One), Cold-Blooded, Selfless 6, Will -2, Short Lifespan (2 livelli).
Skills:Beam Weapons, Brawling, Knife, Sword
Notes: the Morb are the villains of the italian comic book "Brad Barron"


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