Nazi - Ausland-SD Agent, 1936
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By Michele A.

Rolf Kemper was a detective with the criminal police in Worms, when he was noticed by the police chief, Heinz Jost. Kemper was a nationalist and he had voted for the NSDAP, though he was no member. He was a natural copper, too, and when Jost moved on to the SS new security service, the SD, he asked Kemper to do the same.
Now Jost heads the foreign department of that burgeoning service; it is the Nazi's own espionage agency, alongside the other German services that the SS don't trust. Kemper has just been assigned to the Lisbon embassy, under the cover of cultural attaché. With typical dedication, he has learned the basics of diplomatic savoir-faire, something about his cultural duties to go with his cover, and he is studying foreign languages. He can become a well-rounded spy, given time.
Kemper, while no fanatical Nazi, is a determined, formidable adversary. He's quickly developing a ring of resources, including a couple of Portuguese policemen who can come in handy to help him; in any case, he has diplomatic immunity. Internal (German) opponents will find he can still bank on his personal relationship with a powerful boss (which is typical of how the Nazi power structure works), not to mention his other Advantages. On top of that, many other SD officers at his level are bookish types or bureaucrats; he, on the contrary, still remembers enough of a street cop's work.
Kemper's base is a dingy apartment he has rented with untraceable funds. He seldom goes there, and only if he's sure he's not being followed. He plans to use it as a secret safe house.
It's now December 1936. The Civil War has erupted in the summer, right there over the border in Spain; the Iberian Peninsula is quickly becoming the place to be for spies from all over Europe.
Kemper could be a full-fledged NPC, but even if the encounters with him will seldom turn violent, he's still listed here among the "monsters" because he'll always be adversarial. Even if he talks way more often than he shoots, it won't be to negotiate and convince, but to deceive, extract intelligence, and betray. If he promises a deal, it will usually be a trap.
Kemper's appearance is pretty average, with black hair, dark brown eyes, no distinctive features. Height: 5'10", weight: 150 lbs., age: 37

ST: 10 HP: 10 Speed: 5.25
DX: 11 Will: 12 Move: 5
IQ: 12 Per: 13
HT: 10 FP: 10 SM: 0
Dodge: Parry: DR: 0,1

Walther PPK .32ACP (12): 2d-1 pi-
Punch (13): 1d-2 cr, reach C
Kick (11): 1d-1 cr, Reach C,1

Traits: Addiction (Tobacco); Administrative Rank 2; Contact Group (Resources; Effective Skill 15; 9 or less; Somewhat Reliable); Diplomatic Immunity; Duty (Ausland-SD; 15 or less); Insomniac (Mild); Legal Enforcement Powers 3; Natural Copper 1; Patron (SS-Brigadefuehrer Jost; 6 or less); Secret (Spy; Serious Embarrassment); Security Clearance 2; Sense of Duty (Germany); Status 2; Base; Convincing Nod; Chauvinistic; Hates opera music; Horrible Hangovers; Loves German food… only; Proud.
Languages: English (Broken); French (Accented); German (Native); Portuguese (Broken).
Skills: Acting-13; Administration-12; Body Language-13; Brawling-13; Carousing-11; Connoisseur (Visual Arts)-11; Criminology/TL6-12; Cryptography/TL6-10; Current Affairs/TL6 (Politics)-12; Detect Lies-14; Diplomacy-11; Fast-Talk-14; Forgery/TL6-11; Guns/TL6 (Pistol)-12; Intelligence Analysis/TL6-13; Interrogation-14; Intimidation-12; Law (German penal law)-10; Merchant-11; Observation-14; Propaganda/TL6-11; Savoir Faire (Diplomatic)-12; Savoir-Faire (Police)-13; Shadowing-13; Shortsword-11; Streetwise-12.


  • Walther PPK .32ACP automatic pistol
  • Shoulder holster
  • Sound suppressor
  • Two .32ACP reloads
  • Ordinary clothing
  • Shoes. Give DR 1 to Feet
  • Notepad, pencil


Body Language, Criminology, Detect Lies, Intelligence Analysis, Interrogation, Observation, Savoir Faire (Police), Shadowing and Streetwise get +1 from Natural Copper 1.
Parry score is bare-handed (Brawling).
Inspired by the Gestapo Agent Template, GURPS WWII: Iron Cross, p. 50, and by the Diplomat Template, GURPS WWII: Frozen Hell, with adjustments from 3e to 4e.


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