Nazi - Generic Foreign Volunteer, 1942
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By Michele A.

This is a non-German volunteer who chose to serve the Third Reich. He was a farmer, he is from a manpower pool not as good as that of the Generic German Infantryman, and his training was skimpier. Apart from his (unspecified) native language, he speaks some broken German in order to understand basic orders.

ST: 11 HP: 11 Speed: 5.25
DX: 10 Will: 10 Move: 4
IQ: 10 Per: 10
HT: 11 FP: 11 SM: 0
Dodge: 7 Parry: 8 DR: 4,0,2

Mauser Gewehr 98 7.92mm Mauser (12): 7d+1 pi
Bayonet, Fine (11): 1d cut, Reach C,1; 1d imp, Reach C
Rifle-fixed bayonet thrust (5): 1d+3 imp, Reach 1,2*
Straight rifle-butt thrust (5): 1d+1 cr, Reach 1
Punch (11): 1d-2 cr, Reach C
Kick (9): 1d cr, Reach C,1

Traits: Callous; Duty (varies; 15 or less; Extremely Hazardous); Fanaticism (varies); Intolerance (varies; One Group).
Skills: Animal Handling (Equines)-10; Brawling-11; Camouflage-10; Carousing-11; Climbing-9; Farming/TL6-11; Gunner/TL6 (Machine Gun)-10; Guns/TL6 (Rifle)-11; Scrounging-10; Soldier/TL6-10; Stealth-9; Survival (Woodlands)-9; Throwing-9; Traps/TL6-9.
Languages: German (Broken); Native Language (Native).


  • Mauser Gewehr 98 7.92mm Mauser Bolt-action rifle
  • 12 reloads, 7.92mm Mauser ammo
  • Two ammo pouches
  • Web gear
  • Bayonet, Fine
  • Entrenching tool
  • Uniform
  • Medium Helmet. Gives DR 4 to Head, Skull.
  • Boots, hobnailed. Give DR 2 to Feet.
  • Canteen
  • Personal Basics

Encumbrance: Light.

Parry score is with the bayonet, used as a knife.
Duty could be to the Waffen-SS, the Heer's foreign units, or local foreign militia units in the Balkans or the Baltics.
Fanaticism could be Patriotism, Anti-Communism, or Nazism.
Intolerance could be against one of: Jews, Slavs, Communists, or a local ethnic group in the Balkans.
Based on the Infantryman Template, GURPS WWII, p. 72, with adjustments from 3e to 4e.


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