Nazi - Gestapo Informant, 1934 (1944)
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By Michele A.

When looking at Ada Hauser, most people see a diminutive, nice middle-aged woman.
They are wrong. She is a Nazi fanatic and an established informant of the feared Gestapo. A widower who lost her husband in the war, she has made ends meet as a domestic worker, carrying out several part-time jobs here and there. This gives her a good excuse to be out and about her neighborhood, the Tiergarten area of Berlin.
Ada has begun her second and secret job simply by denouncing a subversive conversation she had surprisingly being involved in, at the end of 1933. The uniformed officer she went to recognized both the importance of the tip-off and the potential of the zealous little woman. She now has a direct contact in the Gestapo, and she can both report things she stumbles upon on her own, or be given specific tasks. She's only too eager; with her normal wages, she'd be Struggling. But the feeling of contributing to the good fight is even more important than the small amounts she is paid.
Ada uses her observation abilities to keep tabs on suspicious events; but even more important is her knack for winning over the trust of unsuspecting victims. That includes using children against their own parents.
As an added bonus, the Gestapo doesn't need solid evidence. A few words overheard, a careless slip of the tongue, a meeting with the wrong person - and she's all set.
Ada is a short, plump middle-aged woman with brown hair and eyes. Height: 5'5", weight: 145 lbs., age: 44.

ST: 9 HP: 9 Speed: 5
DX: 10 Will: 11 Move: 5
IQ: 11 Per: 12
HT: 10 FP: 10 SM: 0
Dodge: 8 Parry: 8 DR: 0,1

Punch (10): 1d-3 cr, Reach C
Kick (8): 1d-2 cr, Reach C,1

Traits: Acute Vision 1; Fanaticism (Nazism); Greed (15 or less); Intolerance (Jews); Patron (Contact officer; 6 or less; Minimal Intervention); Secret (Gestapo informant; Utter rejection); Talker 1; Good with children; Party Rank 0; Careful; Nosy.
Skills: Acting-12; Area Knowledge (Berlin)-11; Area Knowledge (neighborhood)-13; Cooking-10; Current Affairs/TL6 (local)-11; Detect Lies-12; Fast-Talk-12; Fortune Telling (Tarot)-11; Housekeeping-12; Merchant-11; Observation-13; Savoir-Faire-12; Shadowing-10; Stealth-9; Streetwise-10.


  • Ordinary clothing.
  • Shopping bag with cleaning supplies, notebook and pencil.
  • Shoes. Give DR 1 to feet.


Party Rank 0 should be worth 0 points and listed here for information purposes. In Nazi Germany, if Ada is recognized as a member, it does provide a +1 to reactions by authorities, if no adverse factors are present; and, of course, from other party members. That's the equivalent of a Trivial Reputation, a 1-point Perk.
Detect Lies, Fast-Talk and Savoir-Faire get +1 from Talker 1.
Observation gets +1 from Acute Vision 1.
Parry score is bare-handed (DX).
Based on the Hausfrau Template, GURPS WWII: Iron Cross, p. 51, and on the Informant Template, GURPS Cops, p. 48, with adjustments from 3e to 4e.


Ten years later, in 1944, Ada has developed a new specialization. She hunts U-Boote - i.e., Jews who remained in Berlin, hiding from the authorities. She adds Wealth (Comfortable) and Delusion (Faith in the final victory; Major) to her traits. She replaces Secret with Reputation -4 (Gestapo informant; 7 or less; small group); Duty (Gestapo; 9 or less); and Fearfulness 1. By this time, most people have learned not to trust strangers and occasional acquaintances; while many residents of Ada's neighborhood now know or suspect she's a police informant.

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