Nazi - Hitler Youth Tank Hunter, 1945
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By Michele A.

Heinrich Hoffmann is a member of the Hitler Youth, fighting to the last in the desperate battles at the end of the war. Nothing more than a boy, he's much more dangerous than he might seem: thoroughly indoctrinated and fanatical, he's also lucky and daring. Indeed, he has acquired a well-deserved reputation as a tank destroyer, and he's got a badge to show for that, which people in the know will recognize.
Unlike most of his young comrades, Heinrich prefers fighting alone. His father died on the Eastern Front, his mother is "not a good National-Socialist", his friends are too childish for his liking.
Heinrich shed his rifle and fights with light anti-tank weapons. The only sidearm he could find is an old WWI-vintage revolver, too big for his strength, in bad repair (Malfunction is 16), and so slow to reload that he doesn't even carry additional ammo; it's a last-ditch defense for him.
Heinrich's tactics is to hunt for or ambush enemy armor. He'll let his clumsy comrades deal with any accompanying infantry, and/or draw fire and distract the enemy, waiting for a close-combat opportunity for himself against enemy tanks.
Even so, his Strong Will is Brittle, and his Hitler Youth rank is actually a Courtesy Rank. But given the situation, he's not saddled with the condition of a minor (Social Stigma (Minor)); German adults who underestimate him do so at their own risk, and those wanting to order him around should have the rank to do so.
Heinrich is a slim, clean-faced boy with blond hair and light blue eyes. Height: 5'8", weight: 145 lbs., age: 17.

ST: 10 HP: 10 Speed: 6
DX: 13 Will: 13 Move: 4
IQ: 10 Per: 11
HT: 11 FP: 11 SM: 0
Dodge: 8 Parry: 9 DR: 4, 0, 2

Panzerfaust 60 (14): 6dx3 (10) cr ex
Panzerwurfmine 43 (14): 6dx2 (10) cr ex
Reichsrevolver 83 10.55mm (12): 2d pi+
Punch (13): 1d-3 cr
Kick (11): 1d-1 cr

Traits: Courtesy Rank (HJ) 1; Duty (HJ; 15 or less; Extremely Hazardous); Fanaticism (Patriotism); Fit; Intolerance (Total Intolerance); Luck; Loner (12 or less); Reputation 2 (tank hunter award; All the time; Large Class); Strong Will Limitation (Brittle); Wealth (Struggling); Eye for Distance; Dull.
Skills: Area Knowledge (Local)-10; Armoury/TL6 (Small Arms)-10; Bicycling-13; Camouflage-10; Climbing-12; First Aid/TL6-10; Guns/TL6 (LAW)-14; Guns/TL6 (Pistol)-13; Guns/TL6 (Rifle)-13; Hiking-10; Jumping-13; navigation/TL6 (land)-9; Philosophy (National Socialism)-8; savoir-Faire (Military)-10; Scrounging-11; Soldier/TL6-11; Spear-12; Stealth-13; Survival (Woodlands)-10; Throwing-14; Traps/TL6-11.


  • Panzerfaust 60 light anti-armor rocket
  • Reichsrevolver 83 10.55mm
  • 2 Panzerwurfmine 43
  • Uniform
  • Medium Helmet. Gives DR 4 to Head, Skull.
  • Boots. Give DR 2 to Feet.

Encumbrance: Light.

As soon as the Panzerfaust is fired, Encumbrance becomes None, Move 6 and Dodge 9.
Parry score is bare-handed (DX).
The skill with the revolver is penalized by the weapon's minimum ST of 11.
Strong Will (Brittle) is described on p. 47, GURPS WWII: Iron Cross.
Based on the Hitler Youth Template, GURPS WWII: Iron Cross, p. 47, with adjustments from 3e to 4e.


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