Nightmare beast
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By moc.tsitneics.dam|selimkw#moc.tsitneics.dam|selimkw with a lot of help from Dragon, Old on this site, and the D & D 3.5 Monster Manual 3 (I think)

A nightmare beast is a creature from Athas. With a disposition as bad as its reputation, it’s no wonder that a nightmare beast spreads terror wherever it goes.
A nightmare beast stands at least 20 feet tall on its four legs. Each of its digits is tipped with a 3-foot-long claw. Its jaws are filled with 1-foot-long teeth and flanked by curved tusks the size of cavalry lances. A nightmare beast’s thick, tough hide is typically dark gray with dark blue, purple,or brown splotches in between patches of bony material. Its
red eyes, each the size of a man’s head, glow in the dark.The nightmare beast prefers to lair in a remote cave. It spends most of its time in search of food, and it tends to hunt in one area until the food supply is exhausted. At that point, it usually hibernates for up to one year, then awakens again in a ravenous state.This monster has no interest in treasure, nor does it often bring any prey back to its lair, unless the kill is so large that it cannot be consumed all at once. A nightmare beast often inadvertently eats treasures along with their owners, so occasionally items of value turn up in the creature’s lair at a later time. Nightmare beasts speak Abyssal.

ST: 40 HP: 56 Speed:7.5
DX: 13 Will: 13 Move: 12; Jump 16
IQ: 12 Per: 16
HT: 17 FP: 17 SM: +5
Dodge: 11 Parry: n/a DR: 9

Bite or Claw (20): 4d+1 impaling.
Horns (18): 5d impaling.
Trample : As a standard action during its turn a nightmare beast can trample opponents at least one
size category smaller than itself by making a running jump from up to 35 feet away.
This attack deals 4d6+13 points of crushing damage. A trampled opponent can attempt
(R-DX-2) for half damage.

Frightful Presence (R-Will-2): The nightmare beast's sheer size and power can be completely terrifying. The nightmare beast can use Terror 3 (Presence; Switchable) at will to instill fear in those around them.
Few monsters aside from dragons are as dangerous as a nightmare beast. The creature attacks anything that looks
like food with its teeth, tusks, and claws, dealing massive amounts of damage And in spite of all that damage potential, its most dangerous weapons are its spell-like abilities.

Nightmares (Su): Perhaps the nightmare beast’s most powerful weapon is the one from which its name is derived.
Every intelligent creature that falls asleep within 10 miles of a nightmare beast must succeed at a (R-Will-2)
suffer from horrid, vivid nightmares of being stalked and killed by monsters, demons, cruel enemies, or whatever else
it fears. The effect is otherwise the same as that of a nightmare spell(R-Will-2) except that a
dispel evil spell cast on a victim does not stun the nightmare beast. A
remove curse or a successful dispel magic negates the effect.Once a creature has either been affected by this ability or
made a successful save, it cannot be affected by that nightmare beast’s nightmare power again for 24 hours.

Traits: Acute Taste and Smell 4; Acute Vision 4; Bad Grip 2; Bestial (Quirk); Combat Reflexes; Discriminatory Smell; Discriminatory Taste; Fangs; Fit; ; Greed (12); Ham-Fisted 2; High Pain Threshold; Horizontal; Loner (9); Magic Resistance 2 (Improved); Magery 3; Nictitating Membrane 6; Night Vision 5; Reduced Consumption 3; Rapid Healing; Resistant to Metabolic Hazards +8; Sanitized Metabolism; Short Arms; Striker (Horns; Impaling; Clumsy); Talons; Telescopic Vision 4; Temperature Tolerance 5; Unaging; Universal Digestion, Very Tough Hide, Extra Attack
Skills: Area Knowledge (Local)-15; Brawling-20; Trample -15, Intimidation-17; Observation-15; Search-17; Survival (Any)-16; Tracking-16; Wrestling-18, lightning- 16,
cloudkill-15,dimension door(1,000 ft. range)-14, disintegrate-13, dispel magic- 14, fireball- 14,
heat metal-18, incendiary cloud- 12, lightning bolt-14,wall of fire -14, jump -14

Energy Reserve: 15.
Class: Aberration, Defiler, Psionic.


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