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By Lord RasputinLord Rasputin

Note: This creature was originally published in the Monster Manual.

A short, green skinned and green haired sprite.

ST: 7 HP: 7 Speed: 6.25
DX: 13 Will: 11 Move: 4
IQ: 11 Per: 12 Weight: 45 lbs.
HT: 11 FP: 11 SM: -1
Dodge: 9 Parry: 10 DR: 0

Crossbow (14): 1d impaling. Acc 4, Range 140/175.
Mind Control (IQ+2 vs. Will): If the nixie wins the contest, the victim is under his control for 24 hours. He can use this 3 times a day. Most of the time, charmed victims will do burdensome tasks. Shortly before the effect wears off, the nixie leads the victim away and tells him to keep walking.
Shortsword (15): 1d-2 cutting or impaling. Reach 1.

Traits: Acute Hearing 2; Acute Vision 2; Amphibious (Water Move 6); Animal Empathy; Doesn’t Breathe (Gills); DR 3 (Cold Iron); Magic Resistance 7 (Improved); Night Vision 3.
Skills: Animal Handling (Aquatic Beasts)-12; Crossbow-14; Detect Lies-11; Escape-12; Fast-Talk-12; Shortsword-15; Singing-12; Swimming-15.
Spells: Breathe Water-20.
Class: Faerie.
Combat Effectiveness Rating: 32 (OR 21 and PR 11)
Notes: The nixie can maintain Breathe Water with no FP cost.


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