Pumpkin Sprite
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By quarkstomperquarkstomper

"Pumpkin, pumpkin, smite his pate;
Soon to set a wedding date!"

Regarded by humans as a creature of halfling folklore, like Father Yule or the Easter Ferret, the Pumpkin Sprite is the friend of single maidens and the bane of bachelors. She appears as an elderly halfling matron, approximately 24 inches in height, with delicate butterfly wings and antennae which she can make invisible at will. Her true nature is a matter of debate among scholars; she is considered a servitor of the Goddess of the Hearth by most halflings, but it seems evident that she is a type of faerie. She is always referred to as the Pumpkin Sprite; whether there are many or only one is not known; but only one ever appears at one time. What is known for sure is that the Pumpkin Sprite devotes her existence to promoting the course of True Love.

If the Pumpkin Sprite encounters someone pining with unrequited love, or having trouble with her relationship, or just plain lonely, the Sprite may decide to help the individual; usually with an overly-elaborate scheme involving a secret elopement, a catalepsy-inducing potion, and six white mice. Whether or not the person actually wants help is irrelevant.

The Pumpkin Sprite usually appears where there is a pumpkin patch nearby full of ripe pumpkins, regardless of season or whether or not pumpkins are native outside of North America. One of these pumpkins is her special Pumpkin of Holding (see below)

ST: 6 HP: 6 Speed: 6.75
DX: 14 Will: 13 Move: 6 ground/13 air
IQ: 11 Per: 12
HT: 13 FP: 13 SM: -3
Dodge: Parry: DR: 0

Thrown Pumpkin (-14): (various Afflictions)

Traits: Affliction 4 (Incapacitation; Sleep); Flight (Small Wings); Higher Purpose (Aid Lovers); Magery 4; Pumpkin of Holding; Social Regard 2 (among halflings); Unfazable; Unkillable 1; Warp; Charitable; Delusion: Everybody Should Get Married!; OPH: Meddler
Skills: Herb Lore -11; Professional Skill: Matchmaker -14; Psychology -11; Savoir-Faire -12; Sex Appeal (Theoretical only) -14; Thrown Weapon: Pumpkin -14
Class: Faerie
Notes: Affliction: The closest thing the Sprite has to a real attack is to chuck magical pumpkins at people. The pumpkins do little if any physical damage, but carry magic spells. The exact nature of the spell can vary, but "sleep" is a typical one.
Magery: If conventional opinion is correct and the Sprite really is a divine servant of a Goddess, then this should be Power Investure; but since the Goddess in question is unlikely to intervene in the Sprite's activities, it doesn't make much difference.
Pumpkin of Holding: The Pumpkin Sprite has a magical pumpkin shell in which she keeps a wide selection of romantic paraphernalia, including (but not limited to) perfume, boxes of chocolates, sexy lingerie, glass slippers, acne remedies and love potions. These items can be treated as Gizmos.


The Pumpkin Sprite obviously works best in a lighter campaign, or a light change-of-pace session between more dramatic story arcs. If your players are munchkins who like killing anything that annoys them, perhaps it would be best to leave the Sprite in her pumpkin.

The GM should decide whether the Pumpkin Sprite really is a divine servitor or just a meddlesome faerie.

Adventure Ideas

  • A halfling maiden develops a crush on a member of the party and wishes for the Pumpkin Sprite to help win his love.
  • The party has been hired to escort the daughter of a wealthy halfling merchant to a distant town, not knowing that the Pumpkin Sprite has plans to help her and her secret lover elope.
  • The Pumpkin Sprite happens to notice a male and a female in your party arguing and decides it's a lover's spat and that it's up to her to bring the two back together again.
    • The two aren't halflings? Doesn't matter. The Sprite doesn't mind. She'll help them anyway. Whether they want it or not.
  • If the PC's try to kill or otherwise insult the Pumpkin Sprite, her wrath may be dire
    • The obvious consequence would be for women to start throwing themselves at the offending character
    • But perhaps a more apt revenge would be for the character to discover that women suddenly have a violent irrational dislike of him…