Scorched Earth the Magnificent, Terrifically Lethal Red Dragon (Epic Boss)
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By Gold & Apple Inc

The premier duelist of the dragon world, Scorched Earth lives only for glorious combat with the greatest heroes, villains, and monsters, striking his enemies down with uncanny speed and surgical precision. Obsessed with honing and testing his might, he will always roar out his challenge and attack the greatest adversary available, even when it is clearly in his best tactical interest to mop up the fodder first. Amoral, not evil, despite his brutal aggression, he strongly prefers to let his defeated foes live when possible so that the tale of his fearsome prowess might further spread. He dislikes but respects Chevalier, the only living dragon who has defeated him in a fair fight.

ST: 42 HP: 54 Speed: 8.25
DX: 16 Will: 14 Move: 8/32
IQ: 11 Per: 14
HT: 13 FP: 13 SM: +4
Dodge: 12 Parry: 18 DR: 12*

Long Talons (29): 4d+6 cutting, 4d+6 impaling, Reach C-4
Fangs (29): 4d+1 Impaling, Reach C-3
Tail (29): 4d+2 Crushing, Reach C-5 (Equivalent to 8 lb weapon)
Fire Breath (19): 5d Burning, Cone: 1/D 10, Max 20, width 5, 6 uses per day.

Traits: Bad Grip 3, Combat Reflexes, Discriminatory Smell, Eidetic Memory, Enhanced Move (Flight), Extra Attacks (x2 - 1 Normal, 1 w/ Multi-Strike), Extra Legs (4), Gluttony (12), Greed (12), Hard to Kill +5, Horizontal, Magery X2, Miserliness (12), Night Vision X8, Obsession (Glorious Battle), Winged Flight
Skills: Brawling DX+13 [48]-29, Innate Attack (Breath) DX+3 [8]-19
Spells: Fire! IQ+1* [12]-12
Class: Mundane (Dragon)
Notes: Will always try to frighten off or negotiate with anybody who doesn't seem like they would be a challenge, but will always pick a fight with anybody who does. 2 points of Tough Skin DR under 10 for scales. 3 attacks/round without using Rapid Strikes.


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