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By moc.tsitneics.dam|selimkw#moc.tsitneics.dam|selimkw

Sirens often lure sailors and travelers to their death. The haunting song of the siren leads many an unwary seaman to his death on crashing shoals, rough seas or dangerous traps.

ST:10 HP:11 Speed:5.25
DX:11 Will:15 Move:5
IQ:15 Per:11
HT:11 FP:15 SM:
Dodge:8 Parry:10 DR:

Knife -15:1d-2thr, 1d sw
Sirens Song -18, Resist by Will-4, or fall under spell of suggestion, 1 FP and a single siren
Dance of the Siren -19, Resist by Will -5 or Reverse Loyalties spell, 2 FP and two sirens
Macabre Dance of the Fey -20, Resist by Will -6 or Domination spell, 3 FP and three fey

Traits: Appearance-2,Dependency (Mana, Constantly), Charisma-2, Musical Ability, Penetrating Voice, Psi Static, Teeth, Very Fit, Bestial, Jealousy, Lunacy, Magery-1, Psicraft-1, Compulsive Behavior (Luring men to their death!)
Skills:Dancing-17, Poetry-17, Artist-15, Acting-15, Disguise-15, Detect Lies-15, Diplomacy-15, Flight-15, Group Performance-17, Holdout-15, Knife-15, Makeup-15, Musical Instrument-18, Performance-17, Sex Appeal-18, Stage Combat-15, Suggest-17
Class:Fey, Mythological


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