Small Biting Robot
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By Rasher

Description: A short, squat bipedal robot that is three feet high, weighing ninety pounds which resembles a bear trap that has sensors on the top, clawed limbs on the sides and a chassis with the legs underneath. A super villain might add cosmetic elements to theme them after various things if desired.

How to play: These AI are a lot less intelligent than most, having an intelligence comparable to that of trained dogs and role play accordingly.They will fight by jumping on to their targets, clamping down with their teeth and trying to grapple targets to the floor so other enemies can attack them. They aren’t really worried about self preservation, making them very likely to take the all out attack maneuver almost all the time and as a result unable to take active defenses. They will usually be in small groups or “packs” but are just as likely to appear on their own as scouts on extremley simple patrols. They are capable of relaying visual information to whoever sent them out due to their telecommunication (radio) advantage which makes them ideal for a mechanized "guard dog" role.

ST: 9 HP: 9 Speed: 6.00
DX: 12 Will: 11 Move: 6
IQ: 4 Per: 8
HT: 12 FP: N/A SM: -2
Dodge: 9 DR: 5
Parry: 8 (Unarmed, Brawling)

Claws (14) 1d-1 cutting damage, Range C
Biting Attack (14) 1d-1 Impaling Damage, Range C, Can Grapple a target after a successful Bite attack without the -2 penalty from short limbs by biting down. (House Ruled)

Traits: Machine; AI; Telecommunication (Radio, secure, plus video); Restricted Diet (Power Cells); DR 5 (Can’t Wear Armor); Electrical; Fangs; Sharp Claws; No Fine Manipulators; No Head; Short Limbs (Short Limitation from extra arms and legs, minus the extra limbs).
Skills: Brawling (14); Jumping (13); Wrestling (13) (with -2 to grapple with short limbs); Climbing (12); Electronics Operation (sensors) (8).


If you want to force the party to fight them directly you could add the "Sealed" Advantage to prevent water from shorting the robot out.

If you want them to be more disposable you could add the "Cannon Fodder" cinematic rule (B. 417) In an appropriate campaign and up their numbers.

When disguised properly in specially dug holes you could use them as living bear-traps, giving them "Stealth" or "Camouflage" (12) skills causing them to bite the feet of anyone unlucky enough to step over them. A quick contest of their hiding skill vs traps or perception could be used to detect. The advantage of this being that they could let their owner know they have caught someone via their telecommunication and walk to re-position themselves at will

You could replace the claws with some other melee weapon fixed to a weapon mount such as a Cattle Prod (B 273) to change their damage type or add stunning effects.

Adventure Ideas

These guys make a fun addition to the cannon fodder henchmen of any high TL science based super villain, as well as simple low-level melee robots for any scifi setting but they could be used in more or less any setting where npcs have access to TL 9-11, such as time travel or dimension hopping campaigns.

Power Surges and Malfunctions Table

Its important to note that these guys lack the "Sealed" advantage meaning that liquids entering their mechanical workings can cause a power surge, based off a robot malfunction table by reddit user "throwaway612179" I have house ruled what can happen if these things get wet.

If the robot becomes wet, make a HT roll for a splash of water, -3 for being totally soaked in a spray or cone of water/being half submerged, HT-5 for being fully underwater.
If they fail the HT roll than roll 2d, a result of 2-5 is a Major Malfunction, 6-10 is a Minor Malfunction. and 11-12 is a Catastrophic Malfunction

Minor: Requires Mechanic-2 for 2d seconds to fix.
Effects: roll 1d
1-2: Can't use one of the arms, unable to parry.
3-4: Can’t Jump, -2 move
5-6: 1d damage (Ignores DR)

Major: Requires Mechanic-5 for 2d minutes to fix.
Effects: Roll 1d
1: Cant Walk, if standing up than the robot falls down
2: Can't use claws to attack, arms wont move.
3: Can’t Bite (Jaw locks in to whatever position it was in)
4: Loses Sensors, becoming blind and deaf (can attack blind at -10)
5: 2d Damage (Ignores DR)
6: Roll 2 minor malfunctions

Catastrophic: Requires Engineering-4 for 2d hours to fix.
Effects: Roll 1d
1-4: Shuts down outright, must be gutted and rewired
5-6: Explodes, must be rebuilt (in a cinematic explosion, deals no damage to anything else. In a realistic campaign the explosion may deal fragmentation damage see (B. 414) for details)