Squonk (Worthy)
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By rolandonrolandon

The Squonk are sentient cyborg. Quite amoral, they are the abilty of shapeshifting at will. They can reproduce the voice of their victims. Their face is featurless and their body is out of liquid metal. They are quite greedy, and they will slain anybody for money. They can translate little objects from another dimension!!

ST: 12 HP: 13 Speed: 5,5
DX: 11 Will: 14 Move: 5
IQ: 11 Per: 15
HT: 11 FP: 11 SM: 0
Dodge: 8 Parry: 12 DR: 30, flexible

Special (Special):

Traits: Perception (4 livelli), Will (3 livelli), Alternate Identity (4 identities), Extra Hit Points (2 livelli), Fearlessness, Single-Minded, Very Fit, Resistant to Psionics (+8), Snatcher, Damage Resistance (30 livelli), Constriction Attack, Doesn’t Breathe (Oxigen Absorption), Doesn’t Eat or Drink, Doesn’t Sleep, Early Maturation, Hermaphromorph, Immunity to Poison, Injury Tolerance (Diffuse, 100), Pressure Support (3), Immunity to Metabolic Hazard, Slippery (5), Regrowth, Regeneration (Fast), Stretching (3 livelli), Claws (Long Talons), Innate Attack (4 dadi, Impaling), Spines (impaling), Morph, Innate Attack (3 livelli). Reputation (ruthless killers, -4), Callous, Greed (12), Overconfidence (12), Dependency (Sunlight, Common, Daily, -15 punti).


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