Stone Toy Soldier
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By Lord RasputinLord Rasputin

This stone toy soldier has a blunt broadsword built into its right arm and, somewhat anachronistically, a smoke-blaster built into the left. It's a bit run down, having seen better days.

ST: 6 HP: 6 Speed: 6.50
DX: 12 Will: 16 Move: 2
IQ: 1 Per: 8
HT: 11 FP: n/a SM: -6
Dodge: 9 Parry: 9 DR: 4

Steam Blast (12): 2d+1 burning. Acc 3, Range 5/10.
Broadsword (12): 1d+1 crushing. Reach C. This is a stone part of its arm, not a real broadsword, so it only hits for crushing damage.

Traits: Acute Taste and Smell 2 (Smell Only); Acute Vision 3; Automaton; Cannot Learn; Dark Vision; Dependency (Mana; Constantly); Doesn't Breathe; Doesn't Eat or Drink; Doesn't Sleep; Fragile (Unnatural); High Pain Threshold; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Indomitable; Injury Tolerance (Homogenous, No Blood); Reprogrammable; Striking ST 6 (ST 12); Unfazeable; Unhealing (Total).
Class: Construct.
Combat Effectiveness Rating: 19 (OR 11 and PR 8).
Notes: Not smart enough to negotiate.


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