Sylvaine (Epic Boss)
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By Mailanka

Deep in the wildest of forests where the faerie folk frolic and the sun casts golden, dappled shadows upon the forest floor, there lurks a great and powerful beast. Her scales glimmer with the brightest of greens and blues and just a hint of soft violet. Magnificent, fetching eyes reflect dozens of fascinating colors in their jeweled depths, and her huge, colorful wings spiral with pastel patterns. Her slim body moves gracefully, flowing through the trees as she treads lightly on her claws, her faerie and shoulder dragon entourage clearing the way for her queenly passage.

Sylvaine, like many dragons, has a hoard, but she collects less based on a base lust for gold (though she does enjoy the weight of it in her claws) and more for an indelible fascination for beauty. She collects everything that catches her fancy. While she can be reasoned with (and, indeed, enjoys a good conversation), she doesn't really consider mortals worth listening to… unless they too are beautiful, in which case she often snatches them up and flies them away. When she isn't collecting works of art or fascinating people, she's gathering occult secrets or writing illuminated grimoires.

Sylvaine is understanding and gentle, if somewhat greedy, and very well-learned. Those who think she cannot be roused into a rage, however, will find themselves facing her implacable occult might, her reality twisting magics and swiftly learning that her claws are as deadly as that of any dragon! She tends to save her greatest rage for Chevalier, though, whom she feels is as pompous as he is beautiful.

ST: 39 HP: 39 Speed: 6.00
DX: 12 Will: 17 Move: 6
IQ: 13 Per: 16
HT: 12 FP: 14 SM: +4
Dodge: 9 Parry: 10 DR: 10

Fangs (14): 4d impaling. Reach C-3.
Fire Breath (12): 5d burning in a 5-yard cone, 6/day. Acc 3, Range 10/20.
Long Talons (14): 4d+5 cutting or 4d+5 impaling. Reach C-4.
Tail (14): 4d+1 crushing. Reach C-5. Equivalent to 8-lb. weapon.

Traits: Appearance (Beautiful, Universal +3); Awe; Bad Grip 3; Discriminatory Smell; Eidetic Memory; Empathy; Extra Attack 1; Extra Legs 4; Flight (Winged; Air Move 24); Gluttony (12); Greed (12); Horizontal; Miserliness (12); Obsession (Gathering beautiful things) (12); Hard to Kill 5; Magery 2; Night Vision 8.
Special Powers: Wild Caster, Reality Shift.
Skills: Brawling-14; Diplomacy-15; Occultism-14.
Spells: Illusion Spells! IQ+1* [12]-14.
Class: Mundane (Dragon).
Combat Effectiveness Rating: 115 (OR 64 and PR 51).
Notes: Sylvaine is a good example of a non-physical dragon, using her beauty, her sophistication and her occult prowess to secure victory. While she isn't the sort of malevolent monster that heroes normally face, she certainly has a conflict of interests with delvers, whom often want to acquire beautiful and powerful objects from the same dungeon she might be plundering. And her treasure trove certainly holds all sorts of wonders… Willing to negotiate.


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