The Autumn Queen (Greater Epic Boss)
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By Gold & Apple Inc

Known as the Harvest Queen, the Lady of Lengthening Shadows, and many other names (but never what her mother called her before her coronation), the Autumn Queen is both eye-bleedingly beautiful and bone-chillingly terrible to behold. The death of all natural things is her domain, but also the ripening of the life-giving fruits and grains. Plants and living creatures wither and die at her approach, feeding her vitality with their own. Her goals are inscrutable to outsiders, but grand in scope, and her faerie minions and mortal pawns are many and deadly.

ST: 11 HP: 15 Speed: 5.75
DX: 10 Will: 24 Move: 5
IQ: 18 Per: 16
HT: 13 FP: 25 SM: +0
Dodge: 8 Parry: 10 DR: 0

The Sickle of Autumn (14): 1d+4(5) Cutting

Traits: Appearance (Transcendant, Universal +5), Awe (-1 to Awe Resistance), Charisma +5, Dependency (Mana, Constantly), Impulsive (12-), Indomitable, Lifebane, Overconfidence (12-), Power Investiture x3 (Druid), Sense of Duty (Nature), Terror (-2 to Fright Checks), Unfazeable, Vulnerability (Iron x4)
Special Powers: Hypnotic Voice (Magical), Epic Immortality (Achilles' Heel: Iron), Vampiric Aura (Magical), Wild Talent X9 (Magic Spells Only -20%)
Skills: Axe/Mace DX+4 [16]-14, Diplomacy IQ+1 [8]-19, Intimidation Will+1 [4]-25, Leadership IQ+1 [4]-19, Occultism IQ+7 [28]-25, Sex Appeal HT+6* [4]-19, Tactics IQ-1 [2]-17, Traps IQ [2]-18, Wrestling DX+1 [4]-11
Spells: Nature! IQ+5* [48]-23
Class: Faerie
Notes: Prefers negotiation, but not to the extent that one might expect from her sisters when she has her muscle with her. Her sickle is a lootable Very Fine Ornate Silver weapon enchanted with Penetrating Weapon (Armor Divisor 5).


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