The High Priestess of Harharha'raror (Boss)
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By Gold & Apple Inc

Brilliant in command on the battlefield, deadly in personal combat, sexy in strategically-placed bits of human leather, the "High Priestess" of Harharha'raror is actually more the General of his army, but nobody really argues with her about silly things like titles and job descriptions. She will defend herself with her masterful swordswomanship and her beguiling awe ability if cornered, but is too smart for tank tactics, doesn't wear anything with enough coverage to qualify as armor, and is rarely without a wall of heavily-armored demon knights to screen her from getting her dainty little hands dirty. She has a real name of her own, but it has been forgotten by all but her Prince - her title is enough to summon her by.

ST: 19/21* HP: 31 Speed: 8.25
DX: 14 Will: 17 Move: 8/21*
IQ: 15 Per: 20
HT: 15 FP: 15 SM: +0
Dodge: 14* Parry: 20* DR: 5

Claws (16): 2d+1 Cutting
Sharp Teeth (16): 2d+1 Cutting
Regular-Speed Spiked Shield Rush (16): 3d+1 Crushing
Spiked Shield Bash (16): 2d+2 Crushing
Very Fine Ornate Thrusting Broadsword (24): 2d+4 Impaling, 4d+2 Cutting

Traits: Appearance (Beautiful, Universal), Awe, Bloodlust (12-), Bully (12-), Callous, Cannot Harm Innocents (Only prevents direct harm to truly good or holy folk), Combat Reflexes, Enhanced Parry +2 (Broadsword), Extra Attack x1 (Multi-Strike), Flight (Winged, +5 movement), Fragile (Unnatural), Immune to Metabolic Hazards, Immunity to Mind-Affecting Magic, Lecherousness (12-), Night Vision x5, Sadism (12-), Selfish (12-), Striking Strength +2, Vulnerability x2 (Holy Weapons)
Skills: Acting IQ-1 [1]-14, Brawling DX+2 [4]-16, Broadsword DX+10 [40]-24, Fast-Talk IQ+1 [4]-16, Hidden Lore (Demon Lore) IQ-1 [1]-14, Intimidation Will+1 [4]-18, Leadership IQ+1 [4]-16, Sex Appeal HT+6* [8]-21, Shield DX+2 [4]-16, Stealth DX [2]-14, Tactics IQ+2 [12]-17, Traps IQ+2 [8]-17
Class: Demon
Notes: Costs 60 energy to summon. Will attempt to use Awe and Sex Appeal in negotiations. Truly Evil


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