The Winter Queen (Greater Epic Boss)
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By Gold & Apple Inc

Grand Mistress of all things icy, from wind to hearts, the Winter Queen is unique among her sisters in that she has predicted inevitable mutual annihilation among the four and embraced a strategy of preemptive but subtle hostilities that she has dubbed "The Cold War" to ensure her own eventual victory. She has far more spies and agents-provocateur than warriors defending her domain, but then the starkly beautiful natural vistas of her domain require little in the way of defense. She notably has the weakest personal magical reserves and physical durability out of all the Seasonal Queens, so she prefers to operate through intermediaries and rarely appears in person. She is a superhuman genius trapster and tactician, however, more patient and subtle than the vast bulk of faeriekind, and her Subterranean Ice Labyrinth is one of the truly epic dungeons of the multiverse.

ST: 11 HP: 15 Speed: 6.0
DX: 11 Will: 25 Move: 8
IQ: 19 Per: 19
HT: 13 FP: 15 SM: +0
Dodge: 10 Parry: 14* DR: 0

The Staff of Winter (16): 1d+5 Crushing Or 1d+3 Crushing w/ +2 Icy Weapon Follow-Up and Reach 1,2
Icy Touch (Via Staff) (16): Above + 2d Fatigue w/ Hazard: Freezing, Side-Effect: Paralysis, and Reach 1,2 (3/Day)
Icy Touch (Via Hand) (16): 2d Fatigue w/ Hazard: Freezing, Side-Effect: Paralysis, and Reach C (3/Day)

Traits: Appearance (Transcendant, Universal +5), Awe (-1 to Awe Resistance), Charisma +5, Combat Reflexes, Dependency (Mana, Constantly), DR x4 (Vs Cold/Ice Only), Indomitable, Injury Tolerance x1/4 (Vs Cold/Ice Only), Megalomania, Paranoia, Power Investiture x3 (Druid), Sense of Duty (Nature), Surefooted (Slippery), Unfazeable, Vulnerability (Fire x2, Iron x2)
Special Powers: Hypnotic Voice (Magical), Epic Immortality (Achilles' Heel: Iron), Icy Touch (Magical), Wild Talent x6 (Magic Spells Only -20%)
Skills: Climbing DX+1 [4]-12, Diplomacy IQ+1 [8]-20, Leadership IQ+1 [4]-20, Occultism IQ+5 [20]-24, Sex Appeal HT+6* [4]-19, Staff DX+4 [16]-15, Tactics IQ+2 [12]-21, Traps IQ+2 [8]-21, Wrestling DX+1 [4]-12
Spells: Nature! IQ+4* [36]-23
Class: Faerie
Notes: Prefers negotiation, but not always in good faith. Carries the Staff of Winter, w/ Fine Balance and Puissance +2, Loyal Weapon, Staff, Shatterproof, and Icy Weapon on it. It looks like ice, weighs as much as wood, is as hard as steel, and is lootable, but it will melt instantly and permanently if it is ever taken out of freezing temperature conditions.


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