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Lord RasputinLord Rasputin, entered by DammannDammann

Note: This creature was originally published in the Fiend Folio, p. 88.

The Thork is a 9' tall, long legged swamp bird with copper feathers and the ability to use boiling water as a breath weapon.

ST: 16 HP: 16 Speed: 5.50
DX: 12 Will: 10 Move: 3
IQ: 4 Per: 10 Weight: 300 lbs.
HT: 10 FP: 11 SM: +1
Dodge: 10 Parry: n/a DR: 3

Bite (13): 1d large piercing. Reach C.
Boiling Spit (13): 2d+1 burning. Acc 3, Range 5/15. The attack spreads in a cone that is 3 yards wide at max range.
Horn (13): 1d+3 impaling. Reach 1. It charges with its horn as a lance; damage from a charge is 3d+3 impaling.

Traits: Acute Vision 2; Amphibious; Bad Grip 3; Foot Manipulators (Two Arms); Terrain Adaption (Swampland); Wild Animal; Unnatural Feature (Wisps of steam rising from its beak).
Skills: Brawling-13; Innate Attack (Breath)-13; Swimming-12.
Class: Elemental.
Combat Effectiveness Rating: 41 (OR 28 and PR 13).
Notes: The bird cannot fly, as its wings make up 200 lbs. of copper.


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