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By JerrilJerril

Note: This creature was originally published in the D&D 3.5 edition Monster Manual.

Gangly, primitive giants with thick green hide, big noses, big claws, big teeth, and a big appetite. Trolls are renowned for their regenerative prowess and general stubborn refusal to die.

ST: 23 HP: 25 Speed: 5.50
DX: 12 Will: 11 Move: 6
IQ: 8 Per: 11*
HT: 16 FP: 16 SM: +1
Dodge: 11 Parry: 12 (Brawling) DR: 5* (Tough Skin)

* +4 for Smell rolls from Discriminatory Smell

Claw (15): 2d+2 cutting or impaling. Reach C-2
Bite (15): 2d+2 cutting. Reach C, 1
Grab Arm or Leg (14): Reach C-2; requires two hands. If successful, the victim is grappled; the Troll usually immediately follows up with a Wrench Limb using its Extra Attack.
Wrench Limb (26): Only on a victim grabbed by an arm or leg with two hands. Roll a quick contest - Troll's effective skill of 26 vs the higher of the victims ST or HT. The victim gets a +4 if the troll is wrenching his leg. If the troll wins, the troll inflicts 4d+1 crushing damage as it tries to rip the victims limb right off! Rigid DR protects normally; flexible armor (including natural DR with Flexible or Tough Skin) is of no help!

Attack skill levels have been "normalized" to assuming a SM 0 victim. Add victim SM to Claw and Bite, and subtract victim SM to Grab and Wrench Limb).

Regeneration: Trolls regenerate 2 HP every second and regrow crippled or severed limbs incredibly quickly. They can even reattach severed limbs nearly instantly unless the stump is cauterized. Trolls cannot regenerate fire or acid damage, and can only be killed with fire or acid, or by being very thoroughly reduced to mush.

Traits: Appearance (Hideous); Callous; Combat Reflexes; Dark Vision; Discriminatory Smell; Extra Attack 1 (Wrestling only); High Pain Threshold; Long Arms; Odious Racial Habit (Eats Sentients); On The Edge; Power Grappling; Regeneration (Very Fast; Bane: Acid or Fire); Regrowth (Bane: Acid or Fire); Social Stigma (Monster); Unkillable 1 (Achilles' Heel: Acid or Fire).
Skills: Brawling-16; Stealth-12; Survival (Mountains or Underground)-11; Tracking-12*; Wrestling-14.
Techniques: Wrench Arm-25; Wrench Leg-25.
Class: Mundane (giant).
Combat Effectiveness Rating: 92 (OR 26 and PR 66).
Notes: Trolls tend strongly towards Gluttony and Low Empathy. A troll may also act Bad Tempered due to pure cluelessness about how much they hurt other people when they lash out. Most trolls are unphased by fire, but some of those who survive their first encounter with it develop notable Phobias.



Scraggs are aquatic trolls. If you have a troll under your bridge, it's probably a Scragg.
Traits: Add Amphibious; Doesn't Breathe (Gills; can't breathe air); Reduce land Move to 3, Swimming move becomes 6. Add Accessibility: Only when immersed in water to Regeneration and Regrowth.

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