Troll Witch (Worthy)
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By Mailanka

Peculiar among their race, Troll Witches are surprisingly attractive. They lack the wrinkles and lop-sided features that plague many trolls, though they retain the long, wildly colorful hair, the sharp teeth and the long limbs. Their beauty haunts both trolls and delvers alike, though Troll Witches seem more fascinated with attractive delvers than hideous trolls.

Troll Witches continue the trollish tradition of flexibility and cunning in battle. She employs a variety of curses meant to befuddle and confuse the minds of travellers so they slip a little closer to her and her kin… for supper.

ST: 8 HP: 9 Speed: 6.50
DX: 11 Will: 13 Move: 6
IQ: 13 Per: 15
HT: 11 FP: 13 SM: 0
Dodge: 9 Parry: 8 DR: 0

Sharp Teeth (12): 1d-4 cutting. Reach C.
Long Knife (13): 1d-3 impaling. Reach C, 1.

Traits: Appearance (Attractive); Awe; Bad Temper (12); Discriminatory Smell; Empathy; Lecherousness (12); Magery 1; Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (+3); Universal Digestion; Vulnerability (Fire ×2).
Skills: Brawling-12; Knife-13, Occultism-14, Sex Appeal-14, Mind Control Spells!-13.
Class: Mundane (Troll).
Combat Effectiveness Rating: 27 (OR 28 and PR -1).
Notes: Night Adapted Vision -5. Willing to negotiate, especially with boys, but it might be a trick.


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