Umber Hulk
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A large, bipedal, insect-like arthropod aberrations with an ape-like build. The creature has the ability to confuse any creature that sees all four of its eyes at once.

ST:21 HP:21 Speed:5.75
DX:10 Will:10 Move:5 ground, 1 tunnel
IQ:10 Per:10
HT:13 FP:13 SM:+1
Dodge:8 Parry:0 DR:4

<Attack> (<Skill>):
Blunt Claws (11): 4d-1 crushing, Reach C-1.
Mandibles (11): 3d cutting, Reach C-1.
Blunt Claws [3]; DR 4 [20]; Infravision [10]; Sharp Teeth [1]; Tunneling 1 [35]; Vibration Sense (Ground Only, -10%) [9], 4 Eyes; Infravision; Semi-Upright; Vibration Sense (Ground Only).
Confusing Gaze (10): The umber hulk can focus his eyes on a victim to confuse his mind by taking a Concentrate maneuver. The victim must be within 10 yards. Roll a Quick Contest of Will with the victim. If the umber hulk win, roll 3d for the result (use the confusion variant from GURPS Powers, page 85), as usual, but add his margin of victory instead of his margin of failure.
Brawling-11; Prospecting-11.
Combat Effectiveness Rating:


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