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By Greg 1

Yowkhi are human-sized bipedal rodents, with long black or brown hair, short snouts filled with large teeth, and sharp bone claws on each hand. The Yowkhi are of human levels of intellilgence and left to themselves, tend not to be agressive. However, once a Yowkhi has lost its temper, it will probably resort to violence. This prevents the Yowkhi from living among civilized people - they are simply too violent when angry.

Yowkhi usually live as bands of forest or dungeon hunter-gatherers. Their preferred prey are forest animals such as boar, deer or rabbits, though if they get hungry enough, they may hunt humans or monsters. They do not write, but have a rich oral tradition, and Barbarians, Druids and Shaman who manage to communicate may find that they have much in common.

While the average Yowkhi IQ is slightly less than the average human IQ, Yowki intelligence and ability varies as much human intelligence and ability. Many Yowki are smarter than the average human and some develop class abilities as Barbarians, Druids or Shaman. While most Yowkhi speak only Yowkhi, Druids and Shaman may know Elvish, Orcish or Fae tongues.

Yowkhi who are not desperate for food can be downright friendly to strangers, which potentially makes them more dangerous. Yowkhi have been known to invite adventurers to eat with the tribe, only to then lose their tempers and kill them.

Yowkhi can attack with both of their claws and their bite in one turn at no penalty. Additionally, once a minute, a Yowkhi can produce a war-howl, causing every non-Yowkhi in ST yards to make a Will roll or miss their next action. Reducing a Yowkhi to negative Hit Points makes it very angry. Any Yowkhi fighting while at negative Hit Points does +2 damage.

ST:12 HP:15 Speed:6
DX:12 Will:15 Move:7
IQ:9 Per:14
HT:12 FP:15 SM:1
Dodge:8 Parry:12 DR:1

Bite (13):1d cut
2 x Claws (13):1d-1 cut

Traits:High Pain Threshold, Infravision
Skills:Brawling-13, Climbing-16, Tracking-15


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