Zombie (Generic Fodder)
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By Mailanka


The rotting stench and flaccid corpses of the recently dead send a shiver up the spines of the best of us. To see them up, gases issuing up their throats in hollow groans while their head lolls back, jaw agape, hands lifted to grapple their prey, is enough to make anyone collapse in terror.
These zombies represent generic zombies, recently raised from the dead. They would benefit from a template mainly to gain skills, though you'll have to explain how they learned them, as zombies cannot learn. The most likely explanation is that the necromancer “enhanced” them in some way.

ST: 11 HP: 15 Speed: 5.00
DX: 10 Will: 8 Move: 5
IQ: 8 Per: 8
HT: 10 FP: 10 SM: 0
Dodge: 8 Parry: N/A DR: 0

Clutching Hands (10): 1d-2 crushing. Reach C.

Traits: Appearance (Monstrous); Automaton (Reprogrammable); Bad Smell; Cannot Learn; Dependency (Mana, Constantly); Disturbing Voice; Doesn't Breathe; Doesn't Eat or Drink; Doesn't Sleep; Fragile (Unnatural); High Pain Threshold; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Immunity (All mind control); Indomitable; Injury Tolerance (No Blood, Unliving); No Sense of Smell/Taste; Single-Minded; Temperature Tolerance 10; Unfazeable; Unhealing (Total).
Skills: No Mental Skills Allowed.
Class: Undead.
Combat Effectiveness Rating: 15 (OR 1 and PR 14).
Notes: Do not negotiate. Only fixate on their master's goal. Unaffected by Mental Magic or social skills, but affected by Necromancy and Pentagrams. Will eventually rot into a skeleton. Truly Evil.


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