Monsters By Challenge

This page lists monsters by their "Challenge", as defined by Mailanka in this thread. To be listed as a monster of a particular challenge type, the monster must have the appropriate tag.


These monsters exist for no other purpose than dying on the characters' blades in large numbers, although they can still be dangerous as a horde.

Lesser Fodder


Greater Fodder


These monsters exist as a reasonable challenge to the PCs. Yes, they will still die, but the PCs will actually be careful and use decent tactics when confronted with them.

Lesser Worthy


Greater Worthy

Epic Worthy


These monsters serve as a "climatic fight" either at the end of an adventure or at the end of an adventure arc. Often they are surrounded by hordes of lesser monsters, but sometimes they are tough enough to represent a challenge to the party all by themselves

Lesser Boss


Greater Boss

Lesser Epic Boss

Epic Boss

Greater Epic Boss


This lists various entries which don't have appropriate tags to fit them into one of the challenge yet. Please add appropriate tags to them, if possible!