Path of Deception
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By Rasmus WagnerRasmus Wagner

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Style Prerequisites:
IQ 11+, Magery 1 (can be Single College:Illusion), and the style is only taught by, and to, the Red Witch ratmen

Among the Red Witches, the study of magic is mandatory, and those who can't keep up, are slain. One of the styles followed is the Path of Deception. Students are first taught basic spells of deception to aid their ratman brothers in battle, and the most talented are then taught techniques of infiltration, to blend into civilized society and weaken it from within.

Required Skills: Artist (illusion), Tactics, Camouflage
Required Spells: Simple Illusion, Sound, Complex Illusion, Know Illusion.
Perks: Combat Ceremony (any), Limited Energy Reserve, Reduced Footprint (any), Secret Mage
Secret Spells: None

Optional Traits

Attributes: Improved IQ, Energy Reserve
Advantages: Cultural Familiarity (Divine Races), Language (any contemporary civilized language), Spell Memorization. Single-Style Magery
Skills: Fast-Talk, Acting, Stealth, Survival (Urban), Hold-out, Smuggling, Poisons

Spell List

A student of the Path of Deception must learn all apprentice spells before learning the Deceiver spells, and all Deceiver spells before learning the Infiltrator spells.

  • Apprentice Spells: Simple Illusion, Sound, Complex Illusion, Know Illusion, Perfect Illusion, Illusion Shell.
  • Deceiver Spells: Control Illusion, Dispel Illusion, Independence, Silence, Voices, Hush, Darkness, Mage Stealth.
  • Infiltrator Spells: Illusion Disguise, Imitate Voice, Invisibility.


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