Stoneshield Guild Magic
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By Perfect OrganismPerfect Organism

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Style Prerequisites: Magery 1 (not One College Only)

The stoneshield guild is an organization of magical mercenaries, specializing in siege warfare. A small group of stoneshield mages can breach a fortress wall in a matter of hours or build defences faster than conventional war machines can knock them down. When not able to find employment as mercenaries, the guild work as civil engineers and demolition experts.

The guild is not exclusive to mages; it employs a significant number of labourers, warriors and non-magical experts although only mages may learn the magical style described here and non-mages are restricted to a single level of Guild Rank. Mages who have mastered the stoneshield style may buy up to five levels of Guild Rank, but this is not a magical perk, since promotion within the guild is not dependent on magical ability but rather on seniority and competence.

Required Skills: Engineer (Combat); Innate Attack (Projectile); Shield.
Required Spells: Block; Create Earth; Earth to Stone; Find Weakness; Ignite Fire; Purify Air; Seek Earth; Seek Water; Shape Earth; Stone Missile.
Perks: Area Spell Mastery (Rain of Stones); Combat Ceremony (Rain of Stones); Intuitive Cantrip (Reinforce); Mighty Spell (Stone Missile); Missile Spell Mastery (Stone Missile); Power Casting (Stone Missile); Reduced Footprint (Shield); Sacrificial Blocking Spell (Block); Secret Spell (Shattering Stone Missile); Shortcut to Power (Disintegrate); Special Exercises (FP can exceed HT by 100%); Spell Hardiness (Stone Missile).
Secret Spells: Shattering Stone Missile

Optional Traits

Attributes: Improved HT.
Advantages: Combat Reflexes, High Pain Threshold.
Disadvantages: Any physical disadvantage which could be caused by combat injury, such as Lame, Missing Digit or Wounded.
Skills: Axe/Mace; Engineer (Civil, Mining); Hiking; Masonry; Soldier; Tactics.

Spell List

Armor; Block; Create Air; Create Earth; Create Water; Decay; Destroy Air; Destroy Water; Earth to Air; Earth to Stone; Earth Vision; Earthquake; Extinguish Fire; Find Weakness; Fireproof; Hardiness; Ignite Fire; Lend Energy; Preserve Food; Purify Air; Purify Water; Rain of Stones; Recover Energy; Resist Fire; Ruin; Seek Earth; Seek Water; Shape Earth; Shatter; Shield; Stone Missile; Stone to Earth; Test Food; Walk through Earth; Weaken.


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