The Keepers of the Way
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By AngularAngelAngularAngel

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This is a style for GURPS Ritual Path Magic.

Style Prerequisites:

These mages have discovered the secrets of time and space. They know how to access other worlds, how to step instantly through space, how to manipulate time, how to see the future, and how to change fate. They have an astounding number of secrets, making powerful mages of their order incredibly formidable. Lower tier mages suffer from a relatively limited repertoire, though.

Their secrets include how to alter an individuals movement through time, how to teleport, how to travel to other worlds, other dimensions, other times, and how to overlay a select portion of another reality on top of this one. This can produce theoretically any effect with only transform crossroads. It requires that the mage find an appropriate world first, however, and spend a character point on a style perk for each ritual.

Required Skills: Thaumatology, Physics(Planar or Chronic), Area Knowledge (any other realm), Gambling.
Required Paths: Path of Crossroads, Path of Chance.
Required Ritual Masteries: Find Path, Sense Danger.
Perks: Area Spell Mastery† (Crossroads), Shortcut to Power†, Increased Path Cap†‡, Limited Energy Reserve†‡, Reduced Footprint†‡, Blocking Spell Mastery (Reflective Gateway), Spell Secret (Teleportation), Spell Secret (Interplanetary Travel), Spell Secret (Interdimensional Travel), Spell Secret (Time Manipulation), Spell Secret (Planar Mingling).

Optional Traits

Attributes: Improved IQ and HT.
Advantages: Absolute Direction, True Traveler, 3d Spatial Sense.
Disadvantages: Weirdness Magnet, Enemy (Things From Beyond Space and Time).
Skills: Survival, Body Sense, Weather Sense / Meteorology, Hidden Lore (Other Worlds).

Ritual List

Clear Path
Bend Path
Control Path
Shorten Path
Bar the Way
Reflective Gateway
Find Path
Sense Danger
Destroy Path
Shorten Path


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