The Kineticists
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By AngularAngelAngularAngel

This is a style for GURPS Ritual Path Magic.

10 points

Style Prerequisites:

This style focuses on the application of force. It's Practitioners especially like to apply force to themselves, allowing them to reach speeds otherwise unseen by mortals.

Required Paths: Path of Energy (Optional Specialization: Kinetic);
Required Skills: Thaumatology; Physics; and any two of Acrobatics, Aerobatics, Body Sense, Force Skating, and/or Flight.
Required Ritual Masteries: Force Bolt, Force Armor, Apportation, Haste
Perks: Adjustable Spell; Area Spell Mastery; Blocking Spell Mastery (Any Style Blocking Ritual); Convenience Casting(Any Style Ritual); Enhancement Mastery (Leveled Double Knockback); Limited Energy Reserve; Mighty Spell (Any Style Offense Ritual); Psychic Guidance; Reduced Footprint; Stabilizing Skill (Physics); Mobile Concentration (Any Movement Skill);
Spell Secrets: Spell Secret (Altered Time Rate)

Optional Traits

Attributes: Increased IQ, DX, Basic Speed, Basic Move, or Dodge;
Advantages: Perfect Balance; Daredevil;
Disadvantages: On the Edge; Overconfidence; Impulsiveness; Compulsive Speeding;
Skills: Path of Body (Optional Specialization: Grace & Agility); Path of Matter (Control); Path of Mind;

Spell List

Force Skates
Force Shield
Concussive Blast
Slipperiness (A variant of Grease)


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