Tricksy Ways
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Style Prerequisites:
IQ 12+, DX 11+, Magery

Tricksy Ways is the style of con-men, second-story artists and rogues of a magical flavor. It is certainly not combat-oriented, as combat usually means that the job has failed. Interestingly, it is structured based on how close you can get to the objective without being detected. The first level deals strictly with ‘casing the joint.’ Gathering intel, scouting out the terrain. The second level is intended for sneaking in and out. Spells of movement and stealth. The third level allows for interaction with individuals, misdirecting or confusing the opposition. And the last deals with the ultimate challenge - taking on a mage.

Required Skills:
Stealth, Fast Talk, Streetwise, Traps, Observation

Required Spells:
Apportation, Simple Illusion, Sound, Foolishness, Scryguard, Magelock, Detect Magic


Secret Spells:
Secret Spell: Getaway - Like Rapid Journey, except you don’t teleport to your destination. You cast the spell, which creates an ‘anchor’ in a secure location. Then you penetrate the defenses of wherever it is you’re breaking into. If at any point you need to bug out, you make a spell roll and are immediately snapped back to your anchor. Available after mastering level 2.

Secret Spell: Locknar’s Edge - Like the Bless spell, Locknar’s Edge gives you the equivalent of a +1 Bless, with one major proviso. Unlike Bless, Locknar’s Edge only works at night, and dissipates at dawn. Hence, the cost to cast is only 6. Available after mastering level 4.

Optional Traits


Spell List

Level 1: Casing the joint (senses and the like)

1. Spells: Keen Senses (0), Measurement (0), Earth Vision (2), Alertness (2), Pathfinder (2) (here or 2?), Seeker (2), Wizard Eye (2), Glass Wall (3), History (4), See Secrets (4), Images of the Past (6), Memorize (6), Projection (6),
2. Skill: Intel Analysis
3. Perk: Periscope, Eye For Distance,

Level 2: Getting in and out (movement and sneaking)

1. Spells: Levitation (1), Wallwalker (1), Locksmith (1), Lockmaster (1), Hush (2), Mage-Stealth (3), Ethereal Body (4), Invisibility (6)
2. Skill: More Stealth
3. Perk: Climbing Line,

Level 3: Mind-games (misdirection, befuddlement, con)

1. Spells: Sense Foes (0), Daze (1), Forgetfulness (1), Illusion Disguise (1), Sense Emotion (1), Truthsayer (2), Complex Illusion (2), Perfect Illusion (3), Charm (8),
2. Skill: Detect Lies
3. Perk: Honest Face, Forgettable Face, Convincing Nod, Secret mage

Level 4: Set a mage (meta, protection, dealing with magical protections)

1. Spells: Sense Observation, Scryfool, Remove Aura, False Aura, Counterspell, Mage Sense, Mage Sight, Identify Spell,
2. Skill: Thaumatology
3. Perk: Reduced Footprint, Secret mage


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