Benvenuto Cellini, master goldsmith
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A well-dressed, prosperous Italian artificer, whose exceptional drive and talent will quickly become apparent even in a brief meeting. In an encounter of any duration, he will surely let you know of his talents and accomplishments.

Cellini was a XVI C. master goldsmith, active in Rome, Florence and Paris. Produced silver and gold works for bishops, dukes, and popes. Also created statuary, minted coins, Participated in the defense of Florence when attacked by the army of Siena. Hot-headed, several times he was involved in fights or brawls that forced him to flee a city to avoid justice. Was accused (and once convicted) of sodomy (a crime at the time) by both men and women. Wrote an autobiography that is still read in the XXI C.

Benvenuto Cellini - 185 points

ST 10 [.]; DX 12 [40]; IQ 12 [40]; HT 10 [.];
Damage 1d-2/1d; BL 20 lbs.; HP 10 [.]; Will 12 [.]; Per 12 [.]; FP 10 [.].
Basic Speed 5.5 [.]; Basic Move 5 [.]; Dodge .

Social Background

TL: 4 [-].
CF: Northern Italy c. 1520-1570[-].
Languages: Italian (Native); French (accented) [4]


Status 2 (Guild master) [10]; Comfortable wealth [10];


Lecherousness (CR: 12, both sexes) [-15]; Reputation (culturally disapproved sexuality) [-5];
Quirks: Never misses an opportunity to boast of his accomplishments; Never let an insult go unpunished [-2].


Area knowledge (Northern Italy) <IQ+0> [1]-12; Artist/TL4 (Goldsmith) <IQ+8> [36]-20; Artist/TL4 (sculpture) <IQ+4> [20]-16; Brawling <DX+0> [1]-12; Carousing <HT+2> [4]-12; Connoisseur (metalwork) <IQ+4> [16]-16; Guns/TL4 (musket) <DX+0> [1]-12; Intimidation <Will+0> [2]-12; Jeweler/TL4 <IQ+4> [16]-16; Mechanic/TL4 (goldsmith's shop equipment) <IQ+0> [2]-12; Musical Instrument (flute) <IQ-1> [2]-11; Rapier <DX+0> [2]-12


This character could be easily re-skinned for a different location or TL.

Adventure Ideas

  • A contact who can help evaluate and sell treasures (but he will denigrate the workmanship of any gold or silverwork by anyone but himself)
  • A powerful potential adversary who wouldn't scruple to send a mob of thugs after someone who insulted him.
  • Someone who might provide an introduction to higher-ranking figures, if you can get on his good side.