Countess Emmanuelle von Liebwitz
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By Brent

She is the Countess of a province in the empire, even though she mainly cares about her own town where she resides. She is not a combatant but has many able guards normally in her presence, so if attacked, the battle will most likely be quick and bloody.

She spends most of her time either in the small palace in the noble district or wandering the streets in that area of the city, though on occasion she will wander into some of the other areas of the city.

This character was made for 3rd edition, so will take a little converting if are doing 4th

Countess Emmanuelle von Liebwitz - 187 points

ST [10]; DX [11]; IQ [15]; HT [11];
HP [11]; Will [15]; Per [11].
Basic Speed [5.50]; Basic Move [5]; Dodge 5.

Social Background

TL: [3].
Languages: [Imperial]


Charisma 2 [10];
Common Sense [10];
Legal Immunity [15];
Longevity [5];
Reputation +2, 1/2 the time [5];


Duty - city [-15];
Intolerance - Dwarves [-5];
Quirks: <Quirk Name>; <Quirk Name>;… [<Total Quirk Cost>].


Area Knowledge (<ME>) <IQ> [<4>]-<17>;
Chess (<ME>) <IQ> [<4>]-<17>;
Cooking (<ME>) <IQ> [<1>]-<15>;
Dancing (<PA>) <DX> [<8>]-<13>;
Detect Lies (<MH>) <IQ> [<2>]-<14>;
Diplomacy (<MH>) <IQ> [<12>]-<19>;
History (<MH>) <IQ> [<4>]-<15>;
Interrogation (<MA>) <IQ> [<2>]-<15>;
Law (<MH>) <IQ> [<12>]-<19>;
Leadership (<MA>) <IQ> [<12>]-<20>;
Research (<MA>) <IQ> [<4>]-<16>;
Savoir-Faire (<ME>) <IQ> [<6>]-<18>;
Strategy (<MH>) <IQ> [<8>]-<17>;
Streetwise (<MA>) <IQ> [<6>]-<17>;
Literacy (<MA>) <IQ> [<2>]-<15>;


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