Create World
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By: Quin57

Spell Effects: Greater Create Crossroads, Greater Create Matter, Greater Control Crossroads
Inherent Modifiers: Area of Effect (7 Million yards), Subject Weight (600 Quintilian Tons), Duration (500 years)
Greater Effects: 3 (X7)

This spell creates a rift in space time, and fills it with a planet. This can be of any size up to about that of Earth, and a realistic looking sun orbits around the planet. The point at which the spell is cast becomes a permanent rift where anyone can enter the world. This can take any shape of the caster's choice.

Typical Casting: Greater Create Crossroads (6), Greater Create Matter (6), Greater Control Crossroads (5), AoE 7 Million yards (39), Subject Weight 600 Quintilian Tons (48), Duration 500 years (44) // 1,309 energy (187X7).//


Use of Trapppings and or the Sephiroth Decans are necessary to have any chance of success. Even with the maximum possible trappings, any caster will need either sacrifices or enormous stores of power.
If this spell is required to create a solar system along with the planet, you can increase the Weight and AoE. Typically, the planet will exist for 500 years, but unless someone is keeping it fueled, it will die. To avoid this, someone has to take care of the planet with routine maintenance. If this spell fails, the GM should unleash planet wide catastrophe on the game world. Think world-wide floods or a jet of matter that pushes Earth out of orbit.

Adventure Ideas

  • This can be used as a motivator for a campaign. Without proper grimoires and/or access to a huge amount of energy, this spell is destined to fail, and produce catastrophic results.