Force Shield
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By AngularAngelAngularAngel —]

Spell Effects: Greater Create Energy
Inherent Modifiers: Altered Traits : Damage Resistance (Active Defense, -40%, Must be wielded as a shield, -20%, Defense Bonus, +5% per level, max +8)
Greater Effects: 1 (x3)

This spell creates a glowing spectral shield on one of the arms of the subject. This shield provides a defense bonus just like any other shield. The defense bonus can be up to +8. This shield can be wielded with the skill Shield (Force Shield).

Typical Casting: Greater Create Energy (6) + Subject Weight, 300 lbs. (3) + Duration, 10 Minutes (+1) + Altered Traits: Damage Resistance 10 (Active Defense, -40%, Must be wielded as a shield, -20%, Defense Bonus +4, +20%) (30) 120 energy (40x3).


  • Users are advised to remember that an opponent can ignore your defense bonus if they simply resort to stabbing you through the shield.

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