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By AngularAngelAngularAngel

Spell Effects: Lesser Create Matter
Inherent Modifiers: Area of Effect
Greater Effects: 0 (x1)

This spell causes the terrain to become slick, as per Bad Footing and No Room For Error, under Tricky Environments in DF 16, Page 38 - 39. It costs +1 movement point per yard (hex) to cross; gives -2 to attack rolls, DX rolls to remain standing, and Acrobatics and Jumping rolls; and inflicts -1 on active defense rolls. Additionally, Make a DX roll after each attack or defense. You get the -2 to this roll for bad footing, and may also claim +4 for perfect balance, if applicable. Failure causes the victim to fall. Clambering back up calls for two successful rolls in a row, each counting as a Change Posture maneuver. This spell may also be cast on an item or person. On an item, it gives -2 to all rolls to use that item and requires a DX Roll after each use. You may add High Manual Dexterity to this roll, failure drops the item. Cast on a person, it gives -2 to attempts to grapple them and +2 to their attempts to escape, and requires a DX roll each turn or they escape.

Typical Casting: Lesser Create Matter (6) + Area of Effect: 5 Yd radius (4) + Duration: 10 Minutes (1) 11 energy (11x1).


  • There is a variant of this ritual called Slipperiness that uses a Lesser Create Energy effect instead to create a force that pushes up from a surface, decreasing friction.

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