Phantom Apartment
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By Dalillama

Spell Effects: Greater Create Crossroads, Lesser Create Crossroads, Lesser Create
Matter, Lesser Create Energy, Lesser Control Spirit, Lesser Create Spirit

Inherent Modifiers: Area of Effect.
Greater Effects:1 (x3)
This spell creates a fairly nice apartment in a pocket dimension. The caster and any
being he brings along can access it. It functions identically to
“normal” reality in all respects and has its own self-renewing
supply of air. The apartment is furnished with a bed, a sofa, an armchair, and a coffee table. The kitchen area has a two burner stove and a small refrigerator. The apartment has electricity and running water, and has an invisible servant who takes care of most needs. The spell also imbues a key with a lesser gateway effect; any door the key is used on will open to the apartment rather than where it normally goes.

Typical Casting: Greater Create Crossroads (6) + Lesser Create Matter (6) + Lesser Create Energy (6)+ Lesser Create Spirit (6)+Lesser Control Spirit(5)Area of Effect, 7 yards (6) + Duration, 1 month
(11) +Subject Weight (3,000 lbs) (5). 138 energy (46x3).


  • Assumed: that the apartment, especially if attuned to a permanent key, retains any objects left therein between visits. If not, the GM will need to figure out what happens to them.
    • Also: that living creatures left in the apartment remain in place when the creator leaves and, if otherwise able to do so, may leave (but, subject to the door having closed, may not re-open it and return) of their own volition. If the apartment does cease to exist, it does so after the last living creature leaves. Optionally, if its existence is merely suspended soulless creatures (animals, fae, bioroids) may be unable to keep it active and are retained in stasis as per inanimate objects.
  • Assumed: that the apartment must be entered through a pre-existing door (logically one with no line of sight through it for the user) and that the user must exit through the same door by which they entered. More advanced versions may submit either or both of these.
  • Alternative flavour: in settings where magic opposes technology, or based on the culture of the apartment (or ritual) creator - or even their preference - the apartment may instead be lit by flambeaux or gas lamps or weird glowing rocks. Heating and cooking may be done by fire or mysterious hotplates.
  • Assumed: unless specified otherwise, time in the apartment passes at the same rate as outside - noting the ideas above about its existence being suspended in various circumstances.

Adventure Ideas

  • Introduced into a wainscot magic setting, this spell has the potential to really annoy mundane security forces trying to keep tabs on a practitioner - not least by their repeatedly breaking into buildings he was seen to enter, but turn out to contain no evidence of his presence.
  • Subject to retaining objects, this could be a great place to hide something.
  • Conversely, finding an ancient apartment key could reveal all kinds of secrets.