Prismatic Ray
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By AngularAngelAngularAngel

Spell Effects: Greater Transform Magic
Inherent Modifiers: External Damage (Price as for corrosive or fatigue, at 2x cost), Enhancement: Rapid fire 7, +70%, Enhancements on single rays (Divide energy cost by 7, rounding up): Incendiary, +10%, Stunning Side Effect 50%, Surge, Arcing +100%, Cyclic, Varies, Hazard: Freezing +20%, Side Effect: Decreased Intelligence, Margin Based, +150% +30%/level, Side Effect: Heart Attack, 350%
Greater Effects: 1 (x3)

This spell sends Seven rays of light shooting out of the casters hand. This attack uses the rapid fire rules to hit Acc 3 and Range 10/100. All target the same target and have seperate rolls to hit. Roll all attacks, then the opponent gets a chance to dodge as per "Dodging Rapid Fire": They roll dodge, and on a sucess, they dodge 1 Hit plus 1 hit per margin of success. Roll randomly for each successful hit, there are 7 possibilities:

  • Red: Burning Damage (Inendiary: +10% x1/7)
  • Orange: Toxic Damage (Side Effect: Stunning, +50% x1/7)
  • Yellow: Burning Damage (Surge, Arcing, +100% x1/7)
  • Green: Corrosion Damage (Cyclic 3 cycles, 10 secs each: 150% x1/7)
  • Blue: Fatigue Damage (Hazard: Freezing, 20% x1/7)
  • Indigo: Toxic Damage (Side Effect: Decreased Intelligence, Margin Based, +150% + 30%/level x1/7)
  • Violet: Fatigue Damage (Side Effect: Heart Attack, 350% x1/7)

This is a secret spell - It requires the perk "Secret Spell (Prismatic ray)" in order to learn or cast. GM's are advised to require players to take this as a magic perk or have them go on a quest for it first.

Typical Casting: Greater Transform Magic (8) + External Damage: 6d (8) + Enhancements: Rapid Fire 7, +70% (14) Enhancements: Incendiary, +10% (2/7=1), Side Effect: Stunning, +50% (10/7=2), Surge, Arcing, +100% (20/7=3), Cyclic, 3 Cycles, 10 Secs Each, +150% (30/7=5), Hazard: Freezing, 20% (4/7=1), Side Effect: Decreased Intelligence 2, Margin Based, +210% (42/7=6), Side Effect: Heart Attack, 350% (70/7=10) 174 energy (58x3).


  • This spell has a number of rules that it bends. First, it uses a single greater Transform Magic effect, instead of a number of energy effects. Second, the enhancements on the rays get their cost divided by 7, because you only have them on one ray. Additionally, the rapid fire applies different kinds of damage, depending. You have to buy the damage as hough it were the most expensive type, though.

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