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By AngularAngelAngularAngel

The Arachne are a feared race, and for good reason: They wield a potent natural arsenal. If their monstrous strength and sharp legs don't get you, their binding silk and venomous fangs likely will. They are also, unfortunately, very hungry. This has historically resulted in them being unable to form large settlements of their own, or even live with other races - they quickly exhaust the available resources and starve. In more modern times, with the advent of modern farming practices, this has posed less of a problem. Unfortunately, stereotypes of arachne as anthropophagic horrors persist, making coexistence difficult.

Poison: The poison is delivered by biting, and deals 1d damage every 10 seconds, for 8 cycles.

Silk: Arache can weave silk. This takes about a minute and costs them 2 fatigue points that can only be regained through eating, as per starvation on B. 426.

100 points.

Attribute Modifiers: ST +6 (Size 2 +10%) [48]; HT +1 [10].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Decreased Basic Speed 0.25 [-5], Increased Size Modifier 2
Advantages: Claws, Sharp, Feet [5]; Create (Spider Silk) (Small Category, x2, Cosmic: Doesn't Cost Character Points, x5, Hazard: Starvation, -20%, Takes Extra Time: One Minute, -60%) [10]; Damage Resistance 1 (Tough Skin, -40%, Human Bits Only, -20%) [2]; Damage Resistance 5 (Partial: Spider Body & Legs, -40%) [15]; Dark Vision [25]; Extra Fatigue Points 1 [3]; Extra Legs (8 Legs) [15]; Innate Attack: Toxic 1d (Cyclic 8: 10 Secs, +400%, Follow up: Bite, +0%) [20];
Perks: Teeth, Sharp [1]; Immunity (Arachne Venom and Silk) [1]; Spider Brotherhood [1];
Disadvantages: Fragile: Brittle (Only Spider Legs & Body, -30%) [-10]; Hemophilia (Partial: Only on spider legs & body, -40%; Bleeding Only Lasts 5 Minutes, -20%, Doesn't restrict HT, -20%) [-6] Increased Consumption: x4 [-20]; Social Stigma: Monster, -3 Reaction [-15];
Features: Extra Eyes: 6 Eyes, Can eat raw eat, needs lots of protein.


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