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By Lord RasputinLord Rasputin

Rub the bottle, and the djinni will come out. Not guaranteed to look like Barbara Eden. One can turn into a mass of smoke, and has special abilities in that form.

500 points

Attribute Modifiers: ST+10 [100]; DX+4 [80]; IQ+1 [+20]; HT+4 [40].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Per+3 [15].
Advantages: Alternate Form (Outward form of another creature of the same point value or less) [15]; Damage Resistance 3 [15]; Doesn’t Breathe (Only while using Insubstantiality, -10%) [18]; Doesn’t Eat or Drink (Only while using Insubstantiality, -10%) [9]; Flight (Lighter Than Air, -10%; Only while using Insubstantiality, -10%) [32]; Injury Tolerance (Damage Reduction 2; Accessibility, Only while using Insubstantiality, -10%; Limited, heat/fire, -40%); [25] Insubstantiality (Can Carry Objects, Medium, +20%) [96]; Magery 2 [25]; Night Vision 9 [9]; Teeth (Sharp) [1].

Converted from GURPS Arabian Nights, p. 50.


Djinn can buy more Alternate Forms. Mightier ones also exist.

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