Dwarf (Earthdawn)
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By Kelly Pedersen

The Dwarves of Barsaive are one of the most successful and wide-spread of the Namegiver races. Their industry, gift for large-scale construction, and unwavering loyalty to those they consider friends have allowed them to found the greatest nation in the province, and establish many smaller trade towns, outposts, and businesses.
Physically, dwarves average about 4' tall, and weigh about 120 lbs. Their short stature does little to conceal their strength - dwarves are built "blocky" compared to humans, and can be easily twice the width of a member of a slender race such as an elf. Their legs are shorter, even in proportion to their frames, than other races, meaning they move more slowly. Their skin tone ranges from pinkish white to dark ebony, and their bodies are usually quite hairy, with particularly dense growth on the head.
It is often acknowledged, even by dwarves themselves, that their personalities can be a bit off-putting. Dwarves stick to their chosen course of action with far more firmness than the "flighty" races that surround them. They are also quick to come to decisions - most prefer to make a quick, possibly wrong choice, rather than wasting time working out the perfect course of action. Dwarves are also noted for having shorter tempers than most Namegivers - their friends and associates must learn what is likely to set a dwarf off, and avoid that.
Dwarves have an inherent ability that they call "heat-vision", that allows them to see the heat emitted by objects and people, giving them an edge in darkness. When dealing with an opponent who emits heat (which includes practically all living creatures), dwarves can strike them without penalty, even in total darkness. They gain bonuses to spot such targets against a colder background, and can track someone with just the heat that their footsteps leave behind.

25 points.

Attribute Modifiers: ST +2 [20]; HT +1 [10].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers:HP +1 [2]; Basic Speed -0.25 [-5]; Basic Move -1 [-5].
Advantages: Infravision [10].
Disadvantages: Stubbornness [-5].
Quirks: Decisive [-1]; Limited Bad Temper [-1]*.
Features: SM -1.

*: Choose one specific circumstance or trigger, about as limited as "only when you are drunk" or "comments on your physical appearance". In that case, you have Bad Temper (12 or less).


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