Halfling (Dark Sun)
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By jhubertjhubert

These are halflings as they exist on Athas, the setting of Dark Sun. For a complete description see the original publications.

19 points.

Attribute Modifiers: ST -2 [-20]; DX +2 [40].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Basic Move -1 [-5]; Per +2 [10].
Advantages: Magic Resistance 2 [4]; Silence 1 [5].
Disadvantages: Odious Racial Habit (eats other sapients) [-15].
Features: Size Modifier -1.

The Magic Resistance of halflings works explicitly against wizardly magic only (defiling or preserving). Alchemical potions/fruits work normally.
Halflings start with Cultural Familiarity (Halflings) instead of Cultural Familiarity (Tablelands).


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