Jungle Troll
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By JerrilJerril

<74> points.

Attribute Modifiers: ST +6 [54]; DX +1 [20]; IQ -1 [-20]; HT +2 [20].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: HP +4 [8]; Perception +1 [5]; SM +1.
Advantages: Acute Smell +2 [4]; Breath-Holding 1, [2]; Extended Lifespan 1, [2]; Hard to Kill 2, [4]; Jungle Dweller 1, [10]; Night Vision 2, [2]; Parabolic Hearing 1, [4]; Regeneration (Slow), [10]; Regrowth, [5]*; Teeth (Fangs), [2].
Disadvantages: Appearance: Ugly [-8]; Hamfisted -1, [-5]; Hidebound [-10]; Low Tech Level -3 [-15]; Odious Racial Habit (Eats People), [-15]; Social Stigma (Ignorant), [-5].
Quirks: Arrogant (My tribe is better than your tribe!); Scrappy [-1].
Features: Births litters of 2-4; Early Maturation (10yrs); Estrus; Females are larger than males; Terrible posture.

Common Traits
Bad Temper; Bloodlust; Discriminatory Smell; High Pain Threshold, Illiteracy, Innumerate; Jungle Dweller 2-4; Long Arms; Overconfident; Regeneration (Regular), and various superstitious Delusions, Compulsive Behaviours, or Phobias.

New Talent: Jungle Dweller
This talent adds to Blowgun, Camouflage (Optional Specialty: Jungles), Climbing, Fast-Draw (Dart), Herbalist, Naturalist (Optional Specialty: Jungles), Poisons, Stealth, Survival (Jungle), Swimming. ''Reaction Bonus:'' Those surviving in a jungle environment. 10 points/level

Note that while the unspecialized versions of Camouflage, Naturalist, and Survival default to the specialized versions, you do '''not''' count the bonus from Jungle Dweller when figuring this default.

Regrowth House-ruled Price
Regrowth cost 40 points by Rules As Written, but has been noted as overpriced by both line editors. Adjust overall template price depending on what price you charge for it.

Tech Level
Price for the Low Tech Level disadvantage assumes a TL3 game. Adjust accordingly.

Culture and Personality

Troll women are big and strong and troll societies are almost universally matriarchal. The men are kept busy hunting to feed the women and children, as are the pre-marriage maidens. Experienced mothers who aren't nursing also organize the occasional large animal hunt or raid on humanoid settlements.
All trolls know they're tough, and this colours their self-image and much of their behaviour. They don't think of non-lethal violence as much more "antisocial" than yelling; combine this with a bit of a "me right you wrong" attitude and fights break out in troll camps on a regular basis. If things get too out of control some of the older women wade in with clubs and beat everyone indiscriminately until it stops.


Trolls are perfectly willing to eat trolls from other tribes (if they can catch them), and don't understand why the other races expect some sort of special treatment. This is fundamentally about calories, but some tribes make a bit of a religious ritual around the occasion.