Kender (Dragonlance)
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By DragondogDragondog

These are the true kenders in the Dragonlance setting. For a complete description, see the original publications.

3 points.

Attribute Modifiers: ST -2 [-20]; DX +1 [+20].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Will -1 [-5], Per +2 [10], Basic Movement -0.25 [-5]
Advantages: High Manual Dexterity 2 [10], Immunity (Fear) [15], Luck [15], Taunt [5]
Disadvantages: Curious (12) [-5], Handling (12) [-15], Short Attention Span (12) [-10], Social Stigma (Nuisance) [-10]
Quirks: In awe of magic, likes gadgets
Features: SM -1

Optional Disadvantages: spontaneous, wanderlust

Skills related to the following are common among kender: music, story telling, kender weapons, many of the criminal skills

Taunt (5 points): With a successful Fast-Talk based Influence roll, the target has a Bad Reaction towards you. In a potential combat situation, the target attacks you despite the odds. If the fight is already in progress, the target will leave whomever he is attacking now to attack you instead.

Handling (-15 points*): A variant of Kleptomania. You do not steal stuff, you handle interesting stuff and forget to return it. You may not sell what you pick up, but you will return it to its rightful owner, as you are only keeping it safe for them. If the rightful owner doesn't reclaim it, you may keep it, trade it, or in the rare case that you do not have enough space for interesting stuff, discard it.


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